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Reasons for Poor Results in Board Exams - Do Read

Results by various boards in India have been declared. There are billions of students who participate in various exams by various boards. Some of the popular boards are - UP Board of School Education, Haryana Board of School Education, PSEB and so on. These results are welcomed by a great no of students. But there are some ones for whom they come as a big shock.

Results of some boards are very poor. But some board like CBSE produces very good result. The toppers of CBSE in all the streams have got around 99+ percentage. Most of the students have got above 90%. There are other boards such as HBSE and Punjab Education Board which yield only 50 to 55 % results. It means here around 50 % students fail.

Even the states like Bihar and UP follow suit in producing the poor stuff / Result in the Board exams. So what are the reasons for the poor results in the board exams. First reason is the deteriorating quality of education. It is not knowledge based now. The main focus is to cover the whole syllabus without paying attention to the students' problems.

Guides ( help books) have taken the place of the teachers. Some states follow no detention policy up to 8th class. As a result, the students promoted without hard work yield poor results. Even there is no job oriented education. It also causes the lack of interest of the students in the education which results in the poor results. Besides there are so many reasons for not-so-good results in 10th and 12th classes by Educational Boards.

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